Do you have the team to
accelerate performance?

Success in today’s complex business environment hinges on key individuals. The C-suite is often deemed to be the most influential group of individuals within a company. Reaching this high echelon typically requires a vast amount of experience and finely-honed leadership, emotional, and behavioral skills. C-suite executives occupy a stressful high stakes position that have a scorecard attached to them that measures performance, not only for them, but for your business.

Collaboration among C-suite executives is The New Measure

According to Harvard Business Review, two out of every five new executives fail in their first 18 months on the job. Why? You might not be surprised to see that the main reason has nothing to do with competence, knowledge, or experience, but rather with self-awareness, vision, building rapport, communication, and how quickly they make impactful decisions.

Do you have a robust succession
plan for your company?

The number one reason why high potential talent moves on is for the next bigger job. From day one, you need to assess if the person you’ve hired is the best candidate. Where are there development opportunities? What is the timing? Are you being communicative? Employees often feel as if they’re stuck having no opportunity for advancement. Employers on their part are neglecting to offer a roadmap of sorts to develop upward mobility. We have created true talent development programs in which 30% to 70% increase in profits are possible with the right talent in place.


center & Team

Neurolinguistics Expert | Performance Psychologist Communications Expert | Predictive analytics & computer prog.

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We start by discerning which type of candidates will be the most successful.

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We work with CEO and HR to recruit or assist in finding a search firm.

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Candidates arrive on site to begin a general background assessment

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Full day of 1:1 deep dive review from Cognitive, EQ, Decision making…

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Non-verbal and Verbal style, impact, influence, presentation…

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Predicting patterns by extracting information in real time.

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Pro athletes have scorecards, we think C-Suite candidates should as well.

If you’re not assessing, its just a guess

Our process is one that is on the leading edge of science which makes us one of the top assessment centers in the world. We use a multi-scientific discipline approach that not only uses psychology, but nero-science, linguistics, speech and pattern recognition, and then feeds that into our propriety matrix that provides a quantitative score as to a persons probability of success in the role.